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welcome to the official homepage for australian electronica outfit polarity.

version 1.6


01.08.02phrequencies is the third track from clock/counter, and was released this week. on the new site continues. check back in the next few days for a preview of the new look.

24.07.02 have added second track to clock/counter temple of kali.

the site redesign is behind schedule - look out in early august for the new version, including the remastered album between stations in its entirety.
16.07.02 +- Thanks to the listeners, cosmosis is number 3 on the experimental electronica charts. thanks ppl!
as for the new site design, have had some interference from the day job, but should see it through in the next week.

07.07.02 +- clock/counter is the new album due for release in august. the first track cosmosis is now available for download.

in other news - the site redesign is nearly ready - launch date announced this week.
12.06.02 +- CANCEL ALL! protozone is alive on the web. If you were wondering what polarity was before it was or where the valleyFORGE was forged...all is revealed. Well done Jimster for the transfers and the artork. +-+-+Listen NOW!+-+-+ Can a collaboration be far behind?
11.06.02 +- Another minor release this week with a live version of a track called waving added to the download site.
Also in preparation is a new version of this site, with some extra goodies including an image gallery, a recent polarity interview, and a couple of samples to get tweeky with.
08.06.02 +- Two morsels of news this week. First, polarity have made a minor dent on the experimental electronica artist charts at, sitting at number 15 thanks to the latest piece of lo-fi-cheeze-pop, motherboard (sitting at number 6 on the track charts.... BIG THANX to any regulars who helped put us there.
+- Second, polarity and valleyFORGE &TM are combining forces to re-release their back-catalogue of previous collaborations. Launch details here soon.

21.05.02 +- Things have been quiet online, but busy in the studio. [meta-faith] is playing with some fundamentalist ideas. uploaded 21.05.02. Have also been working on some revised cover art. the site is getting a little shaky of late, investigating new hosting options for polarity mp3 releases.
04.04.02 +- A new experimental piece, hyperion was added to on 4.4.02.
04.04.02 +- cops marks the return of +polarity- after a brief hiatus (and some easter midnight sessions.
15.01.02 +- Isolated Occurences is the new section for singles, off tracks, remixes and b-sides. This replaces the previous 'fresh delivery' section.
10.01.02 +- Long time collaborator and co-founder of polarity, Valley Forge has joined
31.12.01 +- New polarity homepage released. To provide feedback, please us the [contact] link on the left hand side. Additional band information will be added early in the new year.

26.12.01 +- the remastered track r.g. requiem brings the album 'between stations' to number 1 on the ambient chart.

Latest releases

-+ temple of kali 24.07.02
-+ cosmosis 07.07.02
-+ waving - live 2001 11.06.02
-+ motherboard 01.06.02
-+ [meta-faith] 21.05.02
-+ cops 3.4.02
-+ hyperion 4.4.02

Recent releases are available for download at

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last updated: 02.08.02